Agonda Beach Huts

What is a traditional Goan beach hut?

One of the traditional profession of Goans is of fishermen. Fish is the flavor of Goan cuisine and all Goans love their seafood. For this some men have to spend their life’s on the shores and in the sea. In the sea they live in their fishing boats but on the shore is where a hut is built. This all seems very difficult, but when one gets the chance to enjoy the breeze of the sea winds then this becomes a lovely occupation. The sound of the soothing ocean waves, the swaying of the palms and the cool gentle wind of the beach can make fall in love with the traditional Goan beach hut.

beach huts on Agonda beach

Beach huts for tourists in Agonda

Secret Garden Coco huts wants one to have the same experience. For this we erect beach huts on the Agonda beach. All modern amenities are present in our beach huts. Our beach huts are constructed on a height. This gives a first floor view of the beautiful Agonda beach to our tourists.

Why beach huts?

Apart from the cool sea breeze all our beach huts have a electric fan. Our beds have mosquito nets and we offer free wifi to all our customers. All Beach Huts having attached Bathroom & Toilets and Individual Veranda. Beneath every beach hut there is a hammock which sways with the sea breeze. This are just a few of the facilities present to make your stay comfortable at our beach huts in Agonda.

beach huts in Agonda

Why Agonda Beach huts?

Though there are many beaches is Goa, Agonda beach has been declared as the second best beach in Asia and the best beach in the whole of Goa.  It’s a very peaceful beach in the South of Goa, away from the hush and loudness of North Goa. The facilities are the best in Agonda. Also we at Secret Garden Coco huts offer the most economical prices of beach huts. We have a wide variety of accommodations to choose from. This is the reason why one has to choose Agonda Beach huts.

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