Agonda Beach Huts


While holidaying at Secret Garden Coco Huts, the best way to see all the attractions around Agonda beach is to hire and ride a motorbike. This way you get the freedom of movement and can make your very own itinerary. Listed here for the benefit of Secret Garden Coco Huts Guests is a Select list of attractions that have not to be missed when staying at Agonda beach.

photoButterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is located towards the farthest northern end of the Palolem Beach, closer towards Agonda beach. This is one of the most picturesque Beach and natural marvel to the eyes. One can wade to butterfly beach when there is low tide in the ocean, otherwise one has to hire a boat ride to approach it during high tide. Butterfly beach is a secluded beach and hence it was named by tourists as butterfly beach. Accessible only to butterflies as they can fly over the high tide waters. Lots of crabs and exotic fisphotohes around in these waters. Butterfly beach is famous for spectacular sunsets as you get to see the Goan sunset from a closer perspective. Hire a motor boat to Butterfly beach, watching sea urchins, sea cucumbers etc.Butterfly beach is accessible by boat rides from the Agonda beach side. Ask Secret Garden for assistance and guidance to get to Butterfly beach.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

This Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Canacona Taluka of South Goa. The best time to visit the sanctuary is from October to December. The sanctuary is open from 0700 till 1730 for visitors. The sanctuary has eight well laid out nature trails traversing it. There are six watchtowers in the sanctuary. Also there is one 'tree top', it is situated about 20 meters high on a tree overlooking a waterhole. Both the Gal andphoto Talpona rivers of Canacona Taluka originate from the sanctuary.

Cabo De Rama Fort 

photoLong land that juts into the sea, takes its name from the hero Ram of the Hindu epic, "The Ramayana", hence the name Cabo De Rama. Not far from Agonda beach is Cabo de Rama, untouched by most of the visitors in this region. The atmosphere of the fort creates a sense of history and drama that very few would fail to appreciate. According to the local legends, Rama stayed here with his wife Sita during the period of 12-year exile. Very short coastline bordered by the remains of the fort and hence very rocky and not suitable for swimming.Half an hour bike ride distance from Secret Garden Coco Huts.

Chapoli Dam 

The place surrounding the Chapoli Dam in Canacona is a wonderful eco – tourist spot. Chapoli in Canacona is blessed with natural beauphototy. This is a very small dam surrounded by small rolling hills in the backdrop.  Lot of fishing activity goes on around these dam waters.Half an hour bike ride distance from Secret Garden Coco Huts.

Talpona River 

Tphotoalpona River originates in the dense, mixed jungles of RavanDongor (Demon Hill) in between Nane and Kuskem on the Sahyadri Mountains. It comes down by passing Bhatpal, fed by the tributary, and drains into the Arabian Sea near the village of Talpona in Canacona Taluka. The river develops a length of around 31 kms. It has three other tributaries named Nadke, Gaondongrem, and Khalwade.Inquire for backwater boat rides over the Talpona River at Secret Garden Coco Huts.

Jeevotam Partagali Mutt

This is a Hindu Seminary where students are educated to become Hindu priests to serve in the temples of Goa. Mutt headquarters earlier existed at Bhatkal in 1476 AD. Later (after the Samadhi of Swami Shrikanta Tirtha) shifted to Partagali village on the banks of the sacred river Kushawati in Goa known as Gokarn-Partagali Mutt. This place is popularly known as Bramhasthan. After Swami Jeevottama Tirtha the Mutt is also called Jeevotam Mutt.  Present pontiff Vidhyadhiraj Tirtha succeeded to the Peetha in 1973. The Mutt has its headquarters at Partagali, Poinguinim, and Canacona in Goa. Close by is the banks of the Talpona river. Half an hour bikphotoe ride distance from Secret Garden Coco Huts.

Largest Banyan Tree in Goa 

There is a giant Vatavriksha (Banyan tree) about 200 meters to the north of the Partagali Jeevotam Mutt with 220 aerial roots and totphotoal area admeasuring 235 feet x 225 feet and is believed to be 2000 years old. It can accommodate about 1000 people in its shade. This is supposed to be the largest Banyan tree in Goa.

Mallikarjun Temple

The Mallikarjun Temple is at Shristhal, some 2.5 km away from Chaudi on the main-road leading to Karwar and is one where devotees head for advice from oracles called the 'kaul'. The advice of the oracles is taken either from priests in a trance or by them interpreting the way flower petals drop down. Locally, Mallikarjun is a popular deity, as visible from the names of local educational institutions. This centuries-old temple was renovated in 1778.  photo

Chaudi Village Market

Chaudi also known as Chauri or Canacona is situated at about 33 km south of Margao. It is the main center of the Canacona district. It is mainly visited when one wants to get to Palolem, which is situated 2 km west. To the northeast of the town at about 1.5 km stands the new railway station.

Saint Theresa of Jesus Church

photoChaudi has a church known as the Saint Theresa of Jesus Church. It also has a famous market where one can get a lot of spices and all other necessary provisions. There are a number of restaurants that serve good South Indian food and other tasty dishes and drinks.

Honeymoon Beach

A little ahead of Butterfly Beach is another exotic cove hidden excellently between tphotowo hills. Locally and popularly known as Honeymoon Beach because it is not accessible by foot and only the adventurous few venture to discover it. This hidden beach is favourite amongst lovers and newlyweds because the whole beach is to oneself where one can dare to do skinny dipping, full body tan or just do something wild amidst nature.

photoNatural Sea Rock Formations

Between Palolem Beach and Agonda Beach lies a couple of hidden coves having natural rock formations which must have taken millions of years to get created naturally with the lashing of the sea waves. One can take a short hike during low tide from the right side of Palolem Beach in front of Conco Beach. Natural small rocks and boulders make it an interesting walk along the coastline. Another way to see the rock formations is to hire a dugout canoe fitted with an outboard motor,photo cruising at a slow speed while soaking in the visual delights and virgin beaches like Butterfly Beach and Honeymoon Beach.

Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens is a Yoga Center located very closely to Secret Garden Coco Huts. It’s just a few minutes walking distance away. A lot of foreign tourists visit this place and it is usually jam packed. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "yuj" meaning "to unite". Whether you practice yoga to relax, stretch, breathe, meditate, or simply because it's in fashion, you may not realize the numerous health benefits of yoga. The most important benefit of Yoga is Physical and Mental therapy. Eden Gardens being closely located near the sea provides you with an idyllic location for all Yoga activity at Agonda beach.


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